Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

Notes2 progress

While it has been quiet for a while in regards to further development of the Notes2 Module of Writer, there is now some nice progress in bugfixing going on.

Oliver Wittman started working on Issue 88070, which will expose notes/comments to the appropriate accessibility tool. This will further strengthen the implementation of the notes as well as of accessibility support in

Caolan McNamara finished working on Issue 98634. Writer will now save comments attached to a recorded change as a regular note when exporting your document to Microsoft Word. Before the fix, these information were lost, as the doc format does not support these change comments.

Next I'll be working on some fixes for the internal layout of the notes itself when working with right-to-left languages to get the same quality there as with left-to-right languages.

I also noticed that the code for the Impress Notes is mostly the same code as the Writer class SwMarginWin and we could clean up and reduce a lot of code there. It would be probably a good thing to make SwMarginWin even more broad and move it to svx. Impress and Writer can then reuse the class from there.

What's your favourite and most annoying notes2 bug? If you have other ideas for improvement, let me know!


  1. Thank you for the ongoing work on Notes2. I use this feature everyday and I love the reply to notes feature.

    However, some colleagues don't like to use it, because printing the notes next to the text is not supported yet. This would be the first point on my wishlist.

    The second one is to show change tracking in the margin, too.

  2. Hi Max!

    I just noticed your blog posting - nice header graphic :-) And I have to agree to "Anonym" that most people ask for more advanced printing capabilities. But let's see whether there are more opinions...


  3. Although I like Notes2 very much, there is indeed an annoying bug: Copying some Internet pages into a Writer document results in a text with many notes attached to it. The notes contain some HTML-code.

    Is this issue known?

  4. Yes, kind of a known issue, but used to be more a feature in the old days. Now that we have the better notes, it is just more visible.

    We could probably leave it like that for those people that use it, but make them hidden by default. If someone wants them, he can turn on hidden stuff.

    If you would like to have a change in this area, please open a new enhancement issue inside the issue tracker

  5. Hi Max, your blog posting is over half a year ago. What are the current news regarding Notes2? I am curious.

  6. sadly, completly busy with my master's thesis right now, so little time for I hope to do at least some additional bugfixing in the near future...

  7. I wish you good luck with your master thesis. It has priority over Notes2, of course!

    ...I will ask again half a year later. Maybe you are then employed at Oracle or another OOo contributing company. Who knows... :-)

  8. Hi Max, by chance I have revisited your blog almost exactly half a year later again. I hope you have done an excellent master thesis.
    Are there any news or plans regarding Notes2? I know that the OO/LO landscape is now a bit more diverse than is was six months ago. I hope that this does not deter you from contributing to it.
    Best wishes!

  9. Dear Max,

    as it seems, there is some progress to improve PRINTING capabilities of comments in LibreOffice. Tim volunteered to work on it. Currently, he is looking for code pointers & help how to do it. I assume you are the person who knows the comments code best. In case you have some time to contact him, this would be superbe.

    The discussion was here: